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New Shoes! (Which I definitely deserve after my rubbish week! 😣)

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Here is the obligatory new shoes pic!

Gait analysis showed that I'm over pronating and more so on my left side which may explain my left knee and right hip niggles apparently (really hope this is the case). The video also showed lots of jiggles in other areas which they were too kind to mention πŸ˜‚

I think the order of the day is now to keep up the knee and hip strengthening exercises and aim for shorter gentle runs for the time being.

My gait and shoe size didn't leave me with lots of choice but I'm pleased with the understated nature of my new shoes - kinda suits my running style! 😊

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Good luck with them I’m sure they will spur you on πŸ™Œ


I need to wait - mine still have too much life in them. Be interested to hear whether they help or not!

Oh I like those! ASICS are great. Hope you enjoy some happy runs in them.

Strengthening exercise and short gentle runs sound just the ticket. Be gentle with yourself, listen to your body and stay active, but don’t push it. I have found strengthening exercises to be so helpful to my running.

Sadie-runs x


Lovely shoes, enjoy!


Great! I overpronate & my shoes sorted all niggles - hope yours do too. Jiggles are invisible to all but the owner. πŸ˜€

DebJogsOnGraduate in reply to Elfe5

I really hope they sort my knee niggle - which seems do defy all explanation as it's fine when I'm running and after but then niggles on rest days and seems to complain if I put it anywhere near a shoe with a heel.

The niggles were bad (So glad I don't have to watch myself run from behind too often!


Understated.. I love it... this will be the description as you run in your Marathon races...

" Finishing with understated style and grace".. :)

Sassy shoes.... many happy runs to you x


Great shoes! Hope they bring you happy runs πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Very nice. Look very similar to mine just different colour πŸ‘


Nice :)

Every time I see shoe posts on here I want to get new shoes - but my shoes still have a couple of hundred km in them yet... it’s a good incentive to keep running anyway! :D


Nice shoes! May you have many happy runs in them :)

Oooo lovely! What type of Asics are they are how do you find the sizing? Started my c25k this week and keep dreaming of Asics as I overpronate badly! Enjoy these! :-)

DebJogsOnGraduate in reply to Weglet

They're Asics GEL-KAYANO 24. Because of the snow I've only been out in them twice but so far so good 😊

Promise yourself some after Week 5!

Weglet in reply to DebJogsOn

Uh-may-zing! I have been staring at those ones in particular! If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you size up on these compared to your normal shoe size? Ta!

DebJogsOnGraduate in reply to Weglet

I'm usually a 6.5 or 7 depending on the shoe. A 7 in these was fine - the right amount of toe room. They feel a bit less wide than my old Adidas shoes (also a 7) but think they probably just feel like that because of the extra support.

Weglet in reply to DebJogsOn



Overpronate... that’s a new one for me. What does it mean? πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

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