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Shoe maintenance , use for that little tool on your penknife

It has not occurred to me until now to examine the bottom of my trainers regularly. On a recent run I was very aware that rather than “kissing the ground” with my feet it felt more like a slap with a wet towel . So today I had a look at the bottom of my trainers 😱 I have been running along the beach here in Cyprus , far from golden yellow the sand is volcanic green and much to my dismay ,as I discovered today, not unlike cement!!

There was a completely flat sole to each shoe with every crevice filled with concrete sand and stones. Half an hour later with much cursing and the use of the plastic spoon in my hotel room I have returned them to their correct state. They now weigh a good deal less, and I may once again be able to make my man Friday footprints on the beach. I wonder just how long it would have taken me to realize what was happening - perhaps when I was 2 inches taller and with feet like lead .

Just another lesson learned in this new activity of mine...

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That’s sooo Funny.😂😂You are going to have to concentrate to contain your pace you have removed so much weight from your shoes.


Oh yes I wish, but at least I won’t be sounding like a steamroller as I lumber along 😆


Commonly known as resistance training in the trade

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