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W7R1 and I’m still going!

So I’ve now done 2 continuous runs in a row. Still can’t believe that I’ve got this far and I’m not giving up! W6R3 25 mins on Sunday felt a bit easier than today’s W7R1 - I managed to speed up for the last 60 seconds then whereas today it was all about getting to the end without stopping - but I did it and that’s all that matters to me right now. Quick question - my legs felt really heavy for the 5 minute cool down walk, I’ve not had this before so wondering a) how normal this is and b) should I do stretches before the run as well as after, to warm up more than the 5 minute walk? Ok maybe not such a quick question 🤷‍♀️ 😆

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The support team will advise you.

My experience stretching is good for any activity.👍

Cold muscle stretching for warm up, gently and short time.

Cool down stretching with warm muscles ,more vigourouy and a longer time.

For the legs there are many,but the simple three will suffice.

Stretching of muscles is essential and good for everything .

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If you do decide to stretch before your run, make sure it is dynamic stretching...maybe something like this;


My warm up walk often lasts longer than five minutes...sometimes a heck of a lot longer :)

I stretch and really warm up before runs... I have a daily routine anyway:) I stretch as we all should, after each and every run... many of us use these...


Take these longer runs slowly... they are perfect for letting your newly found running legs find their own happy pace... the need for speed.. well, if that is what you desire...plenty of time after Graduation :)

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Thank you so much Oldfloss!!


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