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Calves & shins very painful

Just completed wk 1 run 3 and my lower legs are so painful. How long

Does it take for yr muscles to get used to the work ... Previously no exercise!

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It's really difficult to say for sure but it is the common weak spot for all us new runners, a few weeks maybe but persevere you'll get there :-)

Don't rely just on the running look yourself up some leg exercises and work on keeping them loose in between times. There are plenty you can do in the comfort of your own home for no cost.


It took me a couple of weeks or so (again on a base of no exercise), but it's worth asking whether your trainers are properly fitted (ie right for your gait) and also whether you're running on a treadmill or outdoors? If the former, then they say to put the incline up to 0.5 or 1. I must say the only time I got painful shins was on the treadmill.....well, more cramp really.

I should also add that now I'm doing the longer runs (25mins currently) the old legs do get a bit more stiff till I'm used to the increased amount of running each time. Also make sure you stretch thoroughly after each run, and osme people on here have recommended a hot bath too.


osme people? Some people, I meant!! And well done on getting this far :-)


I've been suffering from Cramp in my calve muscles since week 1 and sometimes in my foot! I'm in week 7 at week 3 I got proper running shoes which did help but it still happens. It gets better and has stopped me twice and I could barely walk, I've tried stretching, hydrating and even got some supplements from the Health shop. The lady in the running shop said it was my body getting used to it and developing running muscles [think my body is in shock that it's taken me 40 years to decide I wanted some!]

My advice is keep going, stop if it hurts to much and stretch gently and slowly and definately don't bounce and this way you should build strength and avoid injury. I'm still going although I do walk like an old woman the morning after a run!

Good luck ;-)


Thanks all for advice and support. It's really helpful to know that so many other people are doing the same thing and experiencing the same aches and pains. So glad I started!


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