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Michael Mosley’s ideas

Anybody watching BBC1 tonight at 8pm when Michael Mosley downplayed the value of walking 10k steps daily, but strongly recommended interval training and also running for health improvement with dancing coming out tops!? He doesn’t like exercise himself, so I was really interested in the slant that he put on it - less exercise for more results! Worth a watch on the iPlayer if you didn’t catch it tonight!

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I am just really pleased we got a good plug for our sister forum Active 10. Public Health for England along with the NHS are the reasons we have these great forums on Healthunlocked and I am so pleased they value them. So any program that gives a thumbs up for the work they do is very positive in my book.


I’m definitely going to be doing his HIIT suggestions on non run days x


He did a whole programme before espousing the benefits of HIT. Active 10 is doing good work too. I mean to start my WII workout programme - "EA Active 2 more workouts" on my rest day (though recently nearly every day is a rest day :) ) Happy February people 8-)


I watched it. We call going for a walk Active 10 now. Still, if it gets folks moving they can call it what they like 🙂


I watched it this morning on iPlayer. It was a curious and frustrating mixture of fairly good advice, usual TV pseudo-scientific tests, and utter hogwash. I had a good chuckle at Michael Mosely having the sheer brass neck to decry anything as a marketing gimmick. I shook my head in disbelief at the 'scientific research' bits. I howled out loud at his truly appalling squat form. Why o why do they do programmes like this? How hard would it be to actually do these things properly?

"all you need to get fit is 2 minutes a week." Guess what message people are going to take from that programme.

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Hehe you sound like you'd be a nightmare to watch telly with, with all the howling and such Haha! I do agree more care should be taken not to over simplify on these shows.. and the science is often flimsy.. but the situation is so dire if it gets people walking or running even a teeny bit more it can't hurt.


Everything they did was really statistically insignificant too - like with 6 people and no control group. Hardly the best "scientific" advice.

I did like the bit about running and impact though as at least that was more 'provable'


I wasn't sure about that either tbh. The amount of force per metre seemed rather irrelevant to me. Our lives are measured in time, not distance. Unless the runner ran for 5k then lay down for the rest of the time while the walker caught up.


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