W2R1 - sore knees! Any ideas?

Hi, this is my first post. I really enjoyed week 1 and was looking forward to moving up to wk2, but my knees - which were a bit achey last week - were really sore tonight. I don't want to lose momentum by taking a break, and I'm really disappointed because otherwise I felt the run went well. It was hard work but definitely not too much for me. I'm thinking I might need better shoes, or maybe insoles, or a knee strap...?? Any advice? Thanks.


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  • Aches and pains are normal..... good shoes... essential. They should be fitted for you and needn't cost the earth, but they are our biggest asset.

    We do tend to thump a bit at this stage too... so try landing very lightly and slow right down...lots of stretches and warming up well too!

  • Hi Londonrome

    How exciting! Not the sore knees part of colours, but being at the beginning ,I'm almost jealous but I'm still such a novice ....I have noticed a tend not to thump along quite so much and my tread is slightly lighter so stick with it you'll be so glad you did! I still am 😊

  • Oops sorry "of course" not colours ?! Spell check

  • In most cases sore knees are sorted by getting appropriate shoes.

    The best way to find the right shoes for you is to have a gait analysis done by a specialist running shop, which will indicate which type of shoes you need for your running style. Not all shoes will be suitable for you, so get that advice and hopefully it will save you a lot of aches and pains and potential injury.

  • I've just been through exactly the same thing so I understand your frustration. My knees are almost completely better now. The answer for me was to get some proper shoes. Any decent runners shop will analyse your gait (for free) and advise you on the right shoes. Apparently, I overpronate so my new shoes help with that and they have helped enormously. I also iced my knees often (pack of peas from the freezer will do the trick) and elevated them whenever I could. I bought a knee strap and wore it on my worst knee but not sure it actually did much. I googled knee related stretches and I did those every day. I also took extra rest days when my knees were at their worse (around week 3). I also used some over the counter pain relief cream. I took nearly a week off at the end but continued with the programme where I left off and it was okay. I honestly thought they'd never feel the same but they're almost back to normal now. 'Beginner's knee' is my diagnosis - all will be well but do listen to your body and prioritise looking after it.

  • Thanks everyone. Good shoes seems to be a common thread so I think I'm going to look for a good running shop and take their advice. I'll let you know how I get on!

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