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I’m so risk adverse that i decided to do another (3rd time!) W3R3, whereas I should be on W4R2! It’s just I worry about injury with my feet and I also had my new running shoes. They were great though! I saw a girl running taking really tiny steps but she looked really bouncy and fresh so I tried that, but instantly felt it in my calves.

Anyway I’m just rambling really! Maybe I will get onto week 4 on my next run. Thanks for listening guys !!

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Wear your new shoes in a bit, do not even think of running like anyone else..this is you..on your journey doing it your way.

Take it steady and slow... :) Don't repeat runs unless absolutely essential!

Try to warm up well and stretch after your runs, really well too:)

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CatMo13Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks oldfloss, when you say wear them in do you mean in the house ? Thanks . Yes I’m doing the stretches they really help.

Well done CatMo. You don't need to repeat runs the programme will take you along nicely. I do understand your fear of injury and you must do what makes you feel comfortable. Don't try bouncy running, save your energy for moving forward rather than up and down :)

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CatMo13Graduate in reply to helenwheels

Haha ok thanks Helen 😁

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Hi CatMo13 ...welcome to the forum...I cannot say anything about repeating weeks because when I first joined this forum I think I’d repeated the same week over & over again, not for fear of injury, just for fear of running more & more, what I will say though is that you can run more, that’s what the programme is designed to do, when I moved on, guess what? I could do it....don’t repeat runs unless you have to, if you don’t complete them...just bank the stamina & distance and try again. Read back on some graduate posts & you will see that you’re not alone in how you feel...get your feet used to your trainers too...& don’t worry about your running stance, just run how you feel comfortable & everything else will fall into place 😉

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CatMo13Graduate in reply to Mummycav

Thanks Mummycav! Good advice, plus I’m never going to look like a 20 something when I run 😂

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MummycavModerator in reply to CatMo13

When you get out there, you’ll look fab....& might even inspire someone to get off the couch themselves...who knows? 😉

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If you had your gait analysed and you were professionally fitted for your running shoes, there is no reason for them to hurt you. Ive run straight off in all of mine and never had a problem.

Running cadence is like cycling cadence, smaller and quicker is more efficient than longer and slower, but I think that takes time to get used to. It seems to be happening for me now bit by bit, but at your stage I would just concentrate on following the program and not worry too much about pace, cadence etc.

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CatMo13Graduate in reply to FlickM3

Thanks Flick ok I’ll do run 2 W4 next 😬. Yes got the shoes professionally fitted .

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MummycavModerator in reply to CatMo13

They should be absolutely perfect for you then 🏃🏼‍♀️😉

Hey but you’re still running 🏃‍♀️👏

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Stop overthinking and run.

This might help

Have you read the guide to the plan?

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CatMo13Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Okay boss 😁 🏃🏻‍♀️👍🏻

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