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Hi all. Just started c25k after 30+ years of doing no real exercise and being significantly overweight. Completed day 3 of week 1 today and although I did (just) manage the runs it was really tough. Thought my heart and lungs would explode. I am wondering if I should repeat week 1 before trying to start week 2 as I don't know if I am capable of more. Did anyone else find day 3 just as tough as day 1? Any advice please?

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Hi mjwri! Well done on starting the program 😊 It's totally addictive!

I started really slowly as I started from a point of very little exercise and very overweight. I repeated weeks 1-3 twice ( ie did 6 sessions of week 1, then week 2 for 2 weeks, then week 3 for 2 weeks.

My advice would be, take it steady, but don't be afraid to challenge yourself. It's worked for thousands of people, and after my slow start, I graduated last Sunday!

Good luck and enjoy xxx

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Mjwri in reply to Jingle_berry

Thanks jingle_berry. Appreciate the advice and well done for graduating. Maybe one day........😀

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Jingle_berry in reply to Mjwri

Definitely one day - it might take longer than 9 weeks, but if you've started, you'll definitely finish ( as they say on mastermind😉) x

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In a word. Yes! I found week one unbelievably hard BUT once you've managed it 3 times, you ARE ready to move on. It will still be hard because, like all of us at the beginning, we are asking our bodies to do things that they haven't been used to.

If you really feel you can't move on yet, try doing one more week one run. There is no need to finish a week in a calendar week either. If you need an extra rest day then pop one in. And come and post on here, often. There are loads of us, just waiting to cheer you on. Well done on getting through week 1 :)

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Mjwri in reply to McFitty

Thanks McFitty. Will give W2 a go on Thursday and see how I get on. At least it is dark in the mornings so I don't feel so conspicuous doing my stumbling sweating excuse for running 😀😂

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McFittyGraduate in reply to Mjwri

You sound just like me! I do my runs really early so I don't meet as many people😂It does get easier though. I was Mrs. Self-Conscious for ages but now I am a lot less bothered. Great that your going for week 2. Just start really slow and STAY really slow. You can do it. Oh and one other thing. We never ever have failed runs. We have either successful runs (when all goes to plan) or practice runs (when it doesn't) ;)

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The early weeks are hard - you are asking your body to do something very strenuous after maybe years (or decades in my case) of sedentary living :) I've come to the conclusion the programme is like a massive gear-box for our bodies. You grind along in first, then into second and so is really grinding in the lower gears but you need to get through them to achieve true momentum smoothly :)

I repeated several stages of the programme but only when I flippin' well knew in my heart I had not completed them - I might have made the 'distance' but i sure as heck hadn't achieved the revs neccesary to slip into the next highest gear :)

Listen to your Body when it comes to deciding - NOT your instinct though. Your instinct will persuade you to go right back to that comfortable treacherous Couch. :) Your body might protest - but on a very basic level it 'knows' that you are doing the very best thing you can for it - exercising for 'real' :)

Slow and steady and trust the programme - that is 'how' we make it to Graduation and beyond.'Why' we make it is a combination of the physical and mental. Read as many posts as you can here and when you are out there running remember we are all in this together - we might run onouor own but we never run alone :)

Can you believe me when I tell you something that seems impossible now? That if you stick with the programme a day will come when you are posting that you feel bent out of shape because you just can't run that 5K in twenty minutes or some-such amount of time? It's true - read some of our posts and you will see time and time again that we are not 'walking miracles' - we are 'Running Miracles' and so will you be if you just keep going out that Front Door. :)

Best wishes and I hope you stay and run with us :)

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The programme is there to support you and has got thousands of us through. It's flexible though, so if you want to repeat runs or whole weeks that's fine.

The first weeks are hard - how could they be otherwise after years of inactivity - but you will get stronger. It's up to you, but if you have managed all the runs in week 1 I would give week 2 a try. You'll never know what you can do if you don't. And if you can't do it first go - no worries - you will get there.

Good luck.

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Well done for taking the first step! The C25k programme is just amazing, following it is one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Go slow, stretch, take your rest days and you'll be a runner before you know it!

The programme is magic. Each week you'll think you can't possibly do the next week's running. But you will! We've all been there and if we did it, you can too! Remember to go slow! Even when you think you're going slowly enough you need to slow down more!

Stick with Laura and you'll continue to surprise yourself. You will soon be running for 30 minutes and be amazed at how far you've come.

The forum is one of the best places on the internet. It's full of incredible, inspirational people so do post for advice, encouragement and to let everyone celebrate your successes with you! We'll be with you every step of the way :)

I felt the same when I started out but I'm now at week 8 and unbelievably ran (slowly, but definitely running) for 28 minutes, nonstop, yesterday. I can't believe it. Try week 2 and see how it goes. I'm not sure I'll ever run 5k in 30 minutes but running for 30 minutes will be achievement enough. If I can do it one day without ending up looking like a sweaty beetroot, that will be a bonus!

I'm on week 7. When i started I found the 60 second runs really tough... i never for a minute believed that would be running for 25 mins. I 'm loving it. Listen to Laura, the advice is good. The music is questionable at times but it's ok to zone out to. just keep going. You can do it.

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SYNCHRONICITY! I was almost gutted today when I could not manage five laps around the Park. I remember vividly though the early days when I would think 'If I even get to where I can run HALF a lap without stopping around here I will be really happy' :) Now I do four and half regularly :)

Thank you guys for the encouragement. I got my sorry butt out there this morning for W2D1 and have completed it 😮 Look and sound hideous and tears were on the horizon at one point but I DID IT!! I still read the posts saying that one day I will be able to run for 30 mins and think yeah right but I have now learnt to trust you all that I can keep moving 1 day at a time. Thank you 😘

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