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3rd Park Run and another PB this can't continue!

Did my 3rd Park Run this morning and another PB time of 28:52 this can't go on. If I keep on improving every week I will soon be finishing a park run before I have even started :-)

The bubble will burst soon I fear!

But seriously these park runs are great events, I am not competitive but just running with others does improve your running and hence your time. Again like last week as there were no official pace runners this week I set my own starting pace found I was running in a small group of others at the same pace so stuck with them, my main pacer a lady I was keeping up with until the last 2 Km when she upped the pace and despite my best efforts I could not keep up with her but overall as you can see my time improved.

Before the start when I was milling around with the others waiting for the usual announcements one of the volunteers came up to me and said "this is your third run this week is that right", I didn't know they were so observant. I said yes as she was the reporter for this week she wanted to know if I could contribute to the weekly news letter as they were asking people why they choose the Woodley Park run for their event what kept them coming etc. So I will look out for the next news letter and see if my comments made it into print, I did the usual plug for the NHS C25K programme.

Happy running everyone

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Wow, brilliant progress. I guess you will find a pace that is your maximum eventually but if it is motivating you to beat yourself, go for it, just don't get an injury. I am happy on week 5 to return home alive, so I will continue with my slow mo jogging, good for you, maybe I will be there one day 😀


Thanks joolieB1. I am really enjoying running with others and the PB's are a real bonus but I know it will come to an end soon l am already conscious of the fact not to push myself too hard in case of injury or worse but thanks for the concern. I expect your times will improve over time so savour them when they come.


well done on the PB's kind of went through a similar thing myself until injury struck, enjoy and celebrate the PB's as you say eventually you may reach a plateau , take care not to push yourself to far and end up injured .


Thanks slow_rob I am trying to run with care so I don't end up on the injury couch


Brilliant , Well done, thats a cracking time ! :-) xxx

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Thanks PP


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