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Week 3 - bingo!

I did W3R2 on Wednesday and the second 3 minutes was not a walk in the park, that's for sure. I found the run a little demotivating as I knew roughly where the individual runs ended and this made it more difficult. For R2, I chose to mix it up slightly- had limited myself to a particular route owing to safety - and this made today's run less overwhelming and distracting i.e. I ran on a straight road, less gradients, less traffic and a longer route, which was also safe, given I run at night. Felt better and at the end and could have continued to jog for a bit longer. Still not confident, however, that I can go to the next level of 5 minutes!

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I managed it running on a beach.

If you're tough enough to run on roads, in the dark, in winter--then I can't see it being much of a problem.

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I quite like the cold air. :)


Well done. The plan is preparing you for the next run. Not easy but doable. You'll be fine :)


I hope so! Thank you.


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