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Childre doing c25k

My daughter is 5 and a half and she wants to do the training with me. Im jist at the end of week 1 and she did a run with me the other day. She did really well.

Does anyone have any advice on children doing it? I felt shes a bit young but she really wants to do it. She swims and does dance and gymnastics totalling 4 times a week so shes on an unfit little girl.

What are your thoughts?

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How lovely, to be running with your little one.

I have no expertise in this area, but do bear in mind that children's bodies are growing and are susceptible to developmental distortions if they habitually do something in the wrong way, so good shoes would be crucial.

Maybe have a word with her gymnastics instructor who is presumably trained in how to work young bodies safely.

Parkrun has junior events at many venues, but these are normally 2k runs, I believe, as opposed to the 5k adult run, which may indicate the sort of level you should be aiming at. There may be people at junior parkrun who are in a better position to advise. I have regularly been beaten to the line at parkrun by eight year olds.

All that said, getting your child running with you will be wonderful for both of you and help to set both habit and bone strength for life.


Don't most people have the opposite problem? I'm sure she'll tell you if it's too much for her. You'll only actually be running for about a kilometre or so in weeks one and two.

The main problem I can see is later on in the programme when you will want to run faster and further and for longer periods. It's tough enough for two adults to run together at different paces.

Maybe look for a Junior Parkrun in your area which is only 2k?


Lol yes they do usually have the opposite problem. I didnt think of it that way! Im very lucky. She did really well the other day she has far more stamina than me! I wish i could have just an ounce of her energy!


There was a post on here about 2-3 weeks ago by HeleneCorsa called running with children, some good info there.. tap on followers then search her name...

Of course there needs to be fun in it for the kids, my great nephew started doing junior Parkrun at 6 years old, there's some good motivation for kids there, they get different coloured wrist bands for the amount of runs they do. He also does the occasional Parkrun with his dad, so is carefully watched over on that. I don't see c25k being much of a problem for you daughter, but maybe too much of a distraction for you though, to concentrate properly on the programme..


Hi! This is my post from a few weeks back - thanks to davelinks for reminding me!


I've given it a go with my second child and it was great fun. Now I just have to make sure I can actually continue to escape by myself! I think aiming for a max of 2k sounds good, and never really pushing things, just letting them build up their enthusiasm by themselves (just like most of us did!). The real difficulty for me is fitting it in without losing my own time windows for running, which I am determined have to remain sacrosanct - they are the only time I have without children or work and for my sanity they need to stay that way!

Good luck. Sounds as if your daughter is very active and healthy, and you are promoting some great habits.


Oh thanks very much ill have a good read once the baby is asleep! Thanks x

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