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15 minutes non-stop!

Howdy everyone!

So I was following the plan until the end of week 6, where I hit a wall. So I thought, OK, step away from the plan and work up to the 25 minutes non-stop, then you can carry on.

I mention this, because if anybody else is finding that they are hitting walls, my approach seems to be working well. I managed 15 minutes non-stop today, after building up slowly from 10 minutes for a few weeks.

I hope to get back onto the plan and finish those final 3 weeks soon. But for now I feel accomplished. :)

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Hi Gillebro, glad you are enjoying it and feel accomplished - that's a great feeling to have =)

Out of interest, what problem are you having with the 25 minutes? It took me a long time to concede that I had to slow down to cover the times they programme demands, but once I did it came as a revelation. Perhaps slowing down could help you too?



I have slowed down, which has helped, but for me it's more that the pain/discomfort becomes a bit too much for me before I hit 25 minutes. I would push through it, but I have an anxiety disorder that causes me to panic when I'm in too much pain, so I figure it's better for me to take it easy and do it my own way.


Oh yes definitely! Find out what works for you of course, and it seems as if it certainly it working for you so no worries, just wondered if there might be as simple a fix as slowing down, as it's a common mistake people make.

I also find distraction such as music and mantras help enormously. Let us know how you get along, I have no doubt you'll hit the 25 minutes soon =)


A great idea to adapt the plan.

I am glad you are still running gillebro


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