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W5r2 is behind me

I did w5r2 on a mountain bike trail in a beautiful north Texas forest this morning. Very nice escape from babysitting two grandkids this weekend. Even got to see a pair of red tail hawks. It was a really nice run. If you told me I how much I would have enjoyed it a month ago I would’ve thought you were crazy. -1.7 C. Just cold enough to keep the bikers at home and out of my way. I’m really excited about w5r3 coming up on Tuesday.

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That's great, you are doing really well - and wildlife too - wonderful! 😄

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The wildlife is a nice plus. And if I collapse in the woods there are plenty of vultures and coyotes to clean up the mess.


Sounds like a perfect run, well done 👍


They just keep getting better. Slow but mostly painless.although I’m sure both of those things will change as the weeks progress.


Good for you, well done! It’s lovely to be out on the trail, alone with your thoughts My trail gets busy, even when the weather’s foul, and I’m more likely to see ducks than hawks but we do get fabulously gaudy bullfinches

Keep up the good work. Slow and steady does it 🙂🏃‍♂️👍✔️


I’m ready for a run number three tomorrow. Supposed to be some snow on the ground too. That should make it nice. Short one day at a park or the next. Dallas will never bore you with the weather.


Shorts one day and a parka the next . This phone text doesn’t speak Texan.


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