Couch to 5K

EEK! heavy breather coming up behind me!

EEK! heavy breather coming up behind me!

Today was my 24th Parkrun! We had Halloween parkrun last week where i donned my witches hat with green hair, and mended the elastic which held it on whilst jogging which i was quite impressed with myself for! :) This week, somehow was ANOTHER rerun of last week( i only realised last minute via an email), and there were some fab costumes! half way round had a REALLY heavy breather coming up for the overtake, thought it was someone really suffering then giggled as a man in horse head(pictured!) came galloping/jogging past! reckon he had a good excuse eh, as it was sunny and warm by then, which is great for november!

My best friend Tracy was dressed as a "Pirate wench"(apparently from pirates of the carribean) came towards the finish line holding her waist and informed me that her knicker elastic had gone part way round and as she was wearing a dress had no shorts on to keep them up! so no sprint finish from her!!!

all in all a fun time and it was my 2nd fastest(30.31) , 13 secs behind my PB so getting there and hope to hit that magic 30 mins by Christmas! :)

My new job involves Saturday working most weeks so last one off for a while, but a mid morning start means i SHOULD be able to make it to Parkrun still! :)

Had a nice beach walk afterwards with Boz and George-dog, covering another 5k(wore my garmin!)

hope you all have a good weekend!

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Ha ha, thats's so funny! It was boiling running in tee shirt today let alone as some crazy horse. No wonder he was wheezing

We had the grim reaper marshalling t'other day, pointing the way with bony finger. He looked very creepy actually

I laughed out loud at your mate busting her knicker elastic


it was funny! though not for her! :X She had to drop her boy at a parents house she'd never met before, pre parkrun, and they thought she was still dressed from the night before! had to explain why she was dressed like that @8.30am! she got a strange look from them!

her son had a fake hand which he let go of last week that left you with a bloodied stump in your hand, he enjoyed playing that trick! our running shop man has a grim reaper ish type costume on today and as you went past he said"keep on going" in a low scary voice with his head covered! :)

well done on your time today! :)


I know exactly where you are regards the 30 min goal - I had that goal for what seemed like (and probably was) months and inexorably crept towards it. When the Parkrun text arrived that Saturday that told me I had left 30 behind me - I whooped all and I mean ALL day - at any time - just kept pumping my arms in the air and yelling 'YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS' - I hope you don't have a bit more decorum aliboo70 !!!!!!!!! - after all, think about how hard you have worked to get to where you are. You're only seconds away -it would be your best Christmas present ever - which no one else can give you - you owe yourself a sub 30

:) :) :)


Hi the ziggy

thanks for your encouragement! Yes i will make it, i'm determined to get there! i have done 29.50 only the once but not on parkrun so would like it to show up on my PB! :) thanks for your encouragement! :)


I think this is admirable how a run can be fun! Muscles and elastic!


failing elastic! :) My friend got "runner of the week" in the parkrun newsletter!


hahahaha! Thanks to the elastic, was propelled evry time the elastic loosened, like in kiddies aeroplane, you wind it up and zoom it winds down!


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