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Was doing so well W2R3

Hi i’m Nadine. I did the couch to 5k 3 years ago and was running 5k regularly then I fell really ill with Pots Syndrome and have done nothing until recently. I got on with week 1 ok, hated first 2 runs but was on a roll after. Am staying up in London in hospital with my son for 2 weeks and been running around Great Ormond street and was doing really well. Did 3rd run this morning and maybe it was not a good idea as I have a bit of an ear infection and had to stop taking antibiotics as they made my stomach so bad, but I thought it would be fine, it was hellish from the start, I could barely breathe and had to stop in the middle of the second bit of running. I know i’m Not too well but I feel so disappointed in myself!! I have had to come back to bed I feel dreadful! 😔

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Wait till your better, your body is not ready yet xxx


Maybe you are not used to big city pollution levels.

Don't be hard on yourself. We all have runs that don't go to plan, but if possible it is worth noting what factors conspired to cause the "bad"run, then it is all part of a learning experience.

Rest up and recover.


Running in a city can be difficult for the same reason I find walking in London difficult because when you run long open paths help because you haven't go to think about avoiding people, crossing roads, which turning next. Having all this in your head can be tiring. I used to lead a 3/4 mile walk around Mayfair and it was always more difficult than it should have been for the reasons above.

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Don’t feel disappointed in yourself. Look what you have achieved! Hope you feel better soon .


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