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Big changes but good

So this morning I went back to where my C2K5 started, my local park. I ran there regularly from April to July. There have been some changes - no wooden pavilion and a fantastic new hoggin path - which is perfect for my little shuffle! Another change is that I was able to run all the way round it without stopping 😁 This time last year I’d never have been out the house before 8 am on a Sunday. Big changes indeed. I still only am running below 3km. Don’t want to increase until I can definitely run more than twice a week which is what I am managing at the moment due to work. x

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Congratulation! Sounds amazing! And with increasing mileage - sounds like great sensible plan :)

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Thanks IgaT,

I am being super sensible - so unlike me! 😂

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Keep running, keep smiling.


That’s the plan 😁


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