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This morning was no different to any other. Chaos resides with breakfast, uniforms to sort blah, blah. Rushed out of the shower and my 14 year old is stood flabbergasted! Confused, I asked what wrong her response 'OMG mummy you have muscles!!!" She starts pointing to various body bits in amazement. I had noticed myself a change but didn't really think others would. So, today is a happy body day and I think I might even wear those shorts I bought months ago which I never been brave enough to wear for tonight's run. Theres a lot to be said for this running malarky!! Have great running day all! :)


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  • That's fantastic ! Just shows the changes what we ourselves don't notice but others do . Yes get them shorts on , show them muscles off !

  • Thanks I shall!!! Never really thought about the changes, just love running! :)

  • Woohoo! Well done Carole. Rowing and running are great for the old bod, well mebbe not the knees and ankles LOL

    I am not there yet muscle definition wise but am getting better with the help of 30 day shred!

    Go us! Let!s here it for the girls. Yay!

  • I bet you have!! funny how it creeps up on you. I haven't had muscles in years!! and because I spend my life in trousers or maxi skirts never gave it thought! 45 soon and actually feel fitter than my twenties. Can't wait for it cool later for a lovely run. Don't you be out too late! I will getting worried! x

  • Whoop whoop! Yay get them shorts on! Be proud of them muscles! I'm working on them x :-)

  • Thanks - I will! I am sure you will noticed changes too but as said it creeps up on you! Keep working on them !!!

  • How lovely - what a lovely reward for all that effort. Flaunt those muscles!

  • I not sure about flaunting!! but I will wear the shorts feeling less conscious. I haven't worn shorts in over 10 years!! A lovely reward that didn't expect! x

  • Wow isn't that great! Let that happy feeling last for more than a day - keep smiling all summer long.

  • Thanks!! So glad I was told about C25k. It really is life changing! Keep at it Andy - it just keeps on giving! :)

  • a compliment from a teenage daughter ? What an amazing achievement ! bet you look great..

  • Thank you and not the norm, I know!! She did then compare 6 packs!! And sadly no.. mine wasn't better!! Happy running glam grannyjudes x

  • that's what I like a good news story :-) I'm not sure about muscles yet but I know I have lost weight since I started.

  • That's great news. I have always been skinny so for me to have shape is new!! You carry on and you will really notice a difference! although do it to enjoy it and the physical benefits will be a bonus!! Good luck :)

  • Well done! on the running and muscles and on impressing your daughter at a very hard to impress age! Very good day, celebrate with shorts!

  • Thank you! yes the shorts were on and helped my long run.Thankfully not too many people to worry about!! Happy running to you too!

  • I'm not brave enough for shorts!

  • Really?? We all have our issues but we have overcome so much that perhaps shorts are just another step! Go on if I can .. x

  • If I think I look ghastly in shorts I wouldn't want to inflict them on the public. I might get some for running late evening, eg in the dark! I wouldn't mind so much but my legs are white. Maybe a tan might help

  • Mine are a weird colour since Dubai- very orange! My daughter has those san tropez spray tans and they are brilliant!

  • My young niece gave me a bottle of some leg tan cream. I think it's Dove. Might give that a whirl. Then put my full length Nikes on! LOL

    My old man bought me some capri's but even those are daring for me. He bought them for me as full length ones. Tut. This was at Christmas when it was freezing. He said he thought they were full length. "You are a short a*se after all!" Cheek!

  • Small things are precious!! The dove cream is very good. I just find now it is so blinking hot, it makes the run uncomfortable with all the clothes. Vest and shorts really helps keeping cooler- I found though I didn't look anybody in the eye on last nights run!!!

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