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And I would have done it too, if I hadn't got lost!

Coming home from work yesterday I decided to skip my run.

OK, OK, pick yourself back up off the floor, it's nothing shocking, I didn't skip my run because I was feeling tired, drained, fed up or just not in the mood, Goblin Cecelia was not celebrating her victory over my running mojo.

Nothing of the sort, i skipped my run last night in favour of running this morning. You see, one of my oldest friends recently moved house, he's now set up and arranged things just the way he and his girlfriend want things to be (more or less) and invited me up to A) visit and B) have breakfast with them. Putting their postcode into my phone showed me that they now live a 38 minute walk away from where I live.

"Well," I thought, "Hurrah, Hurray, this works out, I can do my run to their house, and there's a few hills that way so it'll be good hill-training too".

This in mind, I got up, found my kit, saw Mr PSycho off to work with a kiss, a large bottle of squash and his lunch, found a backpack, fired up 'Zombies, Run!', put my friend's postcode into the AppleMaps App for directions and headed off.

It was whilst I was going that I found myself thinking "I bet I can beat that 38 minutes the app says it'll take to get to my friend's house" and for awhile, i was going really well, until I reached a point on the Map App and it told me I'd reached my destination. Looking at the app told me it'd only taken me 32 minutes to get to where I was but there was absolutely no sign of my friend's car outside any of the houses I could see. A quick call had him apparently standing on the doorstep but I still couldn't see hide or hair of him.

Eventually his girlfriend came to find me. Seems that they live around the corner from where I was standing, making my actual time of getting to his house 37 minutes and 50 seconds

So, as the title says, I tried to beat the 38 minute estimated time, and i would have done it if I hadn't got lost at the last second!

Oh well, there's always next time, now that I know my way. I must be doing something right with this running lark if I think I can do better than the timer suggests, right?

Take care

MrsPsycho out xxx

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Well done Mrs P! I will come with you next time :)


Brilliant.. well done you..glad you found your way home too:)x


thanks OldFloss - my friend very kindly gave me a lift home because it started bucketing down after we finished breakfast

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