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Week 2 run 3...park run...er..ran,crawled and walked

Afternoon...sooo...feeling mischievous I turned up at the local park run , way, WAY more people than I imagined...stayed well clear of the Pack of alpha males with their spandex and “smashing PB’s” attitudes..stuck to the back with the elderly and other like minded people who may well be carrying an extra stone or two , I’m not judging, got carried away , and excited, ignored the pod cast and blew myself out in the first five minutes....awesome start 😂😂...fell back into sync with the pod cast through sheer need to breathe and continued...when pod cast finished ..( that gives you an example of my time) i just ran for what I thought was 90 seconds and walked for what I thought was 2 minutes ( that’s my current lesson) finished 3 from last if you include a dog being ran around by the lady who was last ( and I AM counting the dog, cheating thing has 4 legs) ..time was under an hour but I had a big grin on my face never the less...gonna keep doing my podcast on the course now , for practice....

Would I recommend doing a park run, yes I would...

Would I recommend doing it like I have...😂😂...only if your a little bit mad like me and don’t forget , your allowed to walk them..

Week 3 next...

Have a nice weekend


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Sounds like you had some good fun especially beating a dog!!! Was it a Chihuahua(-:(-: Would be interesting to know if by Sunday you feel as stiff as a log. I run 5k not long after I graduated throwing all caution to the wind and man was I stiff by tht next day.

To be honest I am still struggling to do 5 k as are lot of us so to do 5k after just basically starting c25k is no mean feat so you must be fairly fit to start with. I predict by the end of c25k you will be in front with your spantex doing 5 k in 20 odd minutes and making a lot of us jealous.Well done.


If you are going to join in parkrun while in the midst of C25k, then we recommend that you stick to the runs in the programme by following the app or podcasts.

Heading out to do your own thing, in a competitive pack, is a route to injury at your stage. By W9 you may well be able to run the whole 5k, but beware of doing too much too soon, or you won't be running at all.

Well done for getting out there and discovering the wonderful world of parkrun.

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Well done... make sure you take IannodaTruffe 's advice:)

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Rfc wrote a very good post about doing Parkrun whilst still on the program...



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