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The world turned upside down...W9R2

After spending some time away I'm back for my first run in Brockwell Park for over a month.

It all seems so familiar yet everything is different. When I get to the bench that used to mark the end (phew) of the first 60 second run I realise I will now be going all the way round the park and passing it again long before I stop running.

My trainer and close personal friend Michael Johnson tells me to stop 800m short of the 5k. 800 metres...that's only about another 5 minutes of running. I just need to add another minute every week and I'll be there by the end of February. Last November I'd never even been for a run in the park, despite living round the corner for 15 years.

I've no idea how this is possible but if it worked for me it will work for anybody.

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Hello again 🙂. You’ll soon get back into it. It’ll be like you never left 🙂👍🏃‍♂️


Mr Smooth (Michael) is so good at getting you round in your head, but your legs do all the work. Well done. I love the benchmarks (sorry for that awful, awful pun) that we all find to mark our progress. The podium is awaiting


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