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Couch to 5K
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I only started this week, yesterday I completed Wk1 R2 and felt very pleased with myself even though I cannot lie I found it very hard!

I’ve always wanted to be able too say I’m just going out for a run/jog, but began to feel at 58 maybe I’ve missed the opportunity.

Eventually I’d like to get fit enough and find a friend who would like to do a Marie Curie challenge/ fund raising event!

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Yay well done for getting of the couch and congratulations on your first two Runs you’ve done the hardest part by starting! Stick with the program it works... Slow and steady never forgetting rest days and you will be doing that charity run before you know it x good luck x


Thank you, definitely helps having people encouraging you!

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Yes it does keep posting the forum is a Runderfull source of support motivation information and encouragement..... I’ve been off the road for 6 weeks due to knee injury then colds n bugs but almost healthy enough to pick up running again... yay x


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