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W1 R2 Ok so far I think

Completed (kind of) the second run of the week. I've chosen running to the supermarket of an evening when I need supplies as a way of fitting it in but even running more slowly, at a more consistant speed, I misjudged the distance and was one 60 second run short of the podcast. If the shop hadn't been closing soon (and the security guard hadn't been watching me) I would've run around the carpark but next time I'll add a detour to the route to cover it.

This is something else I'd forgotten about - poring over google maps roughly measuring distances for a run.

Legs are holding up although the muscles on my right shin are really achey even when not running.

Doing the run with the podcast is really helpful. Never used them before, favouring a stopwatch thingy, but they make everything easier with no fiddling about to get gadgets to work during a run. If you haven't used the podcasts definitely do it!

I've realised that I miss the group run people I used to train with; it was great to have the mutual encouragement that could get us to the end.

Also have to work on the paranoia - I'm pretty sure the entire estate

isn't watching me run through it from behind their curtains but evil

brain is trying to convince me otherwise.

Anndd! New sports bra on order from Bravisimo, although getting in to the one I'm using currently is an upper body workout by its self, could be useful :)

Bring on run 3 x

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Well done.

This guide may be helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.


Yeah deffo set off earlier in case you need to use the supermarket loo or buy some water. I do the running errand thing. Now I can! 😃. Supermarkets sell running gear too so do have a browse

Good luck 🙂👍


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