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Wk1 run 2

Wk1 run 2

Heya everyone! Completed my second run yesterday but forgot to leave a days rest. It was bitterly cold but I soon warmed up. This run seemed harder than the first. And I noticed I went slightly further than day 1

I was literally like a robot this morning getting up for work.

I have also missed my hot yoga class as my satnav sent me to a field and I left work late so I couldn’t get their on time.

Really craved the me time today. I’m hoping wk1 run 3 will occur tomorrow and I will have a much more positive day!


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Well done, but rest days are crucial, even at the early stages.

This guide explains a lot about the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Keep it up.


Glad that you made a start. It's a fab programme and should be great to do alongside your yoga.

Slow and steady. Have fun!

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Well done for starting the plan Aimzleigh...its great and does work. It will get you safely and injury free running for 30 minutes...

Good luck with Wk1 R3😊xx

Remember your rest days, (non-run days) you can do other exercise or go for a walk, just not run...


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