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It's a Beautiful Day

It's a Beautiful Day

I had intended to run this cold and frosty morning after dropping off Mr Psycho at work but I decided that joining Dhiny, my brother and my brother's fiancee on a trip to a wedding fayre (they're getting married in 2019) was a bit more appealing. A nice morning was had and then I headed home.

Once I got home, the weather was still lovely and sunny, even if there was still frost on the ground and I found, despite Cecelia's urging to stay in and watch RuPaul's Drag Race re-runs (I am a big fan of RuPaul), I was itching to get out and run in the fresh air, though my problem was that the rest of my Zombies, Run! Missions are locked until January 11th (unless I decide to sign up for Premium - still thinking on it) I wondered, what, exactly, was I supposed to do? Then I remembered, I have supply missions downloaded, not part of the 'series' but a way of getting out and running, plus it's still voiced by the same actors.

"You're not REALLY going?" Cecelia said, horrified from the sofa as I got changed into my kit

"Why not?"

"It's cold out!" she answered, burrowing into the blanket on the sofa and peering at me.

"The sun's out and the sky's blue," I laced my shoes and stood up "it's a lovely day for supply run!" and so saying, I headed out the door and fired up the programme.

Had a good run, kept up a steady pace, picked up a few supplies that should keep Abel happy for awhile (my favourite being a board game where some of the pieces, cards and instructions so...Sam and Dr Myers will work out the rules. Or make them up. Honestly, I can't wait for another game of Darkness & Dungeons of Catan to Ride'. ;) )

Ah well, back to work on monday. Another run on tuesday.

Take care

Mrs Psycho out xxx

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