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Week one done, can anyone feel my legs?!..I can’t

Just completed week one....other than the fact I find it difficult to breathe and my legs hurt ,it goes well 😂

I’ve started because I suddenly realised how fat i am..which is strange coz im sure I was only 12 stone a while ago...🤔..it kinda creeps up on you and all of a sudden Im a blob..who knew pork pies were evil?!?

Hoping to start week two on Monday/Tuesday depending on Work commitments...

Should hopefully of caught my breathe back by then...😫

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Well done and welcome.

This guide to the plan may be helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.




Well done for completing week one. I have did my first run yesterday and I totally understand the leg thing. Today I feel it in my legs hoping that gets better as the weeks go on.


Well done! Stretch well after runs while you're still warm, make sure you keep well hydrated. Try, (although maybe difficult at the moment) to not smack your feet down as you foot strike the ground, try landing more on the forefoot, you may then feel you calves twinging, so give them a massage/stretch.. it should all improve as you go on and get fitter..😊

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Well done ! I have completed week 1 too. My legs haven't been too bad thanks to the good advice on here. I go slow, and stretch before and after. I also soak my cold aching legs in the bath after. Here's to week 2.


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