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First post-Christmas run

Hi all. Not had a run since Christmas eve, for medical reasons. Reading the posts here every day has made me itching to get out there! I finally was able to do so today, so I thought I would take it steady and see how I went. As soon as I settled in, I felt good and thought there is no way I am not going to complete at least 5k. I did stop when run tracker said I had done 5k, but I managed a respectable (for me) 36:04, about the times I was putting in before Christmas (although then I was going further) so I am quite happy with that.

On a different note, Santa left me with some new running goodies, which I finally got to try out. New fit-bit look-alike from Amazon was a fraction of the cost, and looks just as good as the 'real' ones, and worked well with my Samsung S7. It gives a graph of my heart rate throughout (I was surprised how much it varied through the run, my route must be more up and down than I thought!) as well as the usual distance/time/calories stuff.

My other new goody was a new pair of running headphones. These fit on the ear (like normal headphones) rather than in the ear, but still have a band going over the ear and round the back of the neck. I have always had a problem with the in-ear ones not staying in place, so I thought I would try these. I am happy to report they stayed in place throughout ( I have been in the habit of pushing the old ones back in about every other stride, resulting in what I expect was a very strange arm action!) The sound quality and volume were good too, perfectly acceptable to hammer out ELO at a good level. Overall, a good result.

So, to sum up my long ramblings, I am happy to be running once more and enjoying my new tech and winter running gear. 2018, bring it on!

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Nice to see you back with lots of new tech. I wore my new Garmin Forerunner (Santa is a nice chap) today. I have to say I found it quite distracting. I kept looking at my stats rather than listening to my book. Glad too you are feeling better :)


Thanks helenwheels, though I was feeling fine. I was trying to get my PSA level down for a blood test today, which meant no strenuous exercise for a few days. Maybe being a bit over-cautious, but I didn't want to risk it.


Brilliant.. well done you and so great that you are back here running!!!


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