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Johnson you lightweight. W8R2.2222222222

For some reason R2 was a lot harder than R1. Perhaps it was the jeering chorus of kookaburras that greeted my emergence, perhaps it was the humidity. I don't have a problem with running slowly, I actively court it, but I was surprised to find I was running the Kms a minute slower than the day before yesterday.

Still I take heart from this, as it shows that going faster doesn't necessarily take any more energy than going slow, so I'll store that up for the future.

Energy was certainly in short supply but a cheery "not far to go mate" from an Australian bloke bucked me up.

Then...nothing... I was chugging along to some interminable slab if krautrock just aching for Michael to tell me I had five minutes. But he never did. Fitbit told me I'd done 4k so I plodded on for another minute before hauling the phone out, only to find the app had reset. Michael had bailed on me.

I dragged myself home just as it started to rain. Fitbit told me I'd run for 35 minutes. Yay....also, bleurgh. I hope the magic elves who install the upgrades won't be cross.

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.. but inspire of heat, humidity, kookaburras and bad M you did it! Go you! 😄


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