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Old Crock

Dear C25K users, I am 68 and asthmatic as well as having a prosthetic knee, I have some osteo in my joints as well, painful and not much fun. I am a retired RGN so have some knowledge of medicine. I find I am losing muscle strength in my arms and legs, and have bought a bike which is quite difficult in this area as it is take no prisoners on the road. I would like to get fitter, and lose wieght, and feel I should have the energy. Is it all too late or can I tailor the programme for my age and infirmities, isn't that a horrid word. I still work, though now, for myself and am fairly, no correction very, sedantry. I wonder if the Fostair inhaler is making things worse as I have packed on weight since I started it. I hope someone out there can give me some hope.

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Hi Penny👋

If no one on here can give you a definitive answer, why don’t you book an appt with your practice nurse/Gp and ask them?

(In my opinion) ANY movement is better than no movement, so in the meantime set yourself a challenge of ten mins brisk walk and see if you can increase that by a minute each time? Just an idea.

Liz x


Follow Lillybeth's advice and you may also want to try the other app by the NHS for people who can't run or need a transitional programme before trying running C25K. It's called Active 10:


You can download the app on your cellphone by clicking on the picture on the rigt-hand side. If you've never really exercised before and have asthma, I think that should be very helpful.

But this is not to deter you from running at all. Other members have asthma and are on C25K: they will tell you about their experience.

Good luck and don't be afraid to go out and walk even very slowly...


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