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Bagged 5k in last run of 2017 and learned a lesson!

W8R1 28 mins just done and I learned a valuable lesson about not overdoing it. I'd always run every c25k workout at a pace that felt " natural" but this morning I had my eye on getting to 5km for the first time. So I set off like a hare (4:51/km pace) then had a minor blow-up in the second km and dropped 20 seconds off the pace for the rest of the run (and a right load of sweating, huffing and puffing). So, that hurt (a lot), and I shall go back to what feels natural rather than trying to speed it up in future. Lesson learned.

The good news is all the pain was "worth" it because I bagged my first 5km run with 5.44 km covered in 28mins at 5:10 /km pace. Oops...I think I just humble"bagged"... edit - forgot wink emoji ;-)

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As a new runner you should be running at an easy pace, defined by no huffing and puffing and the ability to hold an ungasping steady conversation. Any faster and you are considerably nearer crossing into injury territory.

If you are not managing to take deep full breaths then you are not getting a full complement of oxygen, which is crucial to your body adaptation.

Fast may seem like progress but pros only push the speed on 20-30% of their running time. The rest is at an easy conversational pace. Only newbies run hard on every run.

Slow is good.


Yep. Learned that today. Back my natural pace next run!


Did W8W2 28 mins today at a slower pace and that felt much better with easier breathing and not too much grief like before. Not too much slower as it turns out, just avoided the blow-up scenario, 28 mins 5.3 km 5.15 min/km.


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