Lesson learned: A steady pace does the trick

Thursday I did W7R1 and hated it. This morning I did W7R2 exactly the same run - same 25 minutes, same route, same exact distance, and I felt good all the way. What was the difference? Well, aside from much nicer weather today, the only difference was that today I kept the same slow, steady pace throughout the run. Thursday I didn't - I ran much too fast in the beginning. I think I've learned my lesson now. 

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7 Replies

  • Yer see, we weren't fibbing 😊

    You did it, that's the main thing, so we'll done.  You move on.  Have fun ☺

  • Yeay...What a difference a day makes....24 little hours...I feel a song coming on :)

    Well done you...Week 7 Run 3....here you come... and slowly... ! :)

  • I did try humming En elefant kom marcherende in my head, but I couldn't... Laura's music had  different beat, it was a mess. But I was able to go 🐢🐢🐢 slow anyhow.

  • You are doing so well..just run to your own beat..☺

  • Thank you, Floss🌷

  • Yep! That's why our mantra is slow and steady. 

    Glad it was a good run - well done!

  • Glad you enjoyed run 2!  It's a funny old game this running.  You'd think the last advice anyone would give you would be to slow down and yet, that's often what we all need to do!  Well done - graduation is just around the corner only 7 more runs to go (isn't that a scary thought).  Keep it up.  Speed will come later, once you have managed to prove to yourself that you really can do the time.

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