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Motivation needed

Hi everyone

I really need to get fitter but I have no motivation!!!! I started the c25j a few weeks ago did one run but couldn't do all the run sections and I haven't done anything since. Really need some ideas of how to motivate myself if anyone has it. I will be running with my dog or by myself as do not live near to anyone that will do it with me

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Michelle meet Annagram, i think you may have something in common, or at least you did until Annagram got out there again.

Tough love bunny checking out....👍


Actually I forgot this one Michelle it's a poll asking people what's the biggest blocker to getting fitter

You will see you are not alone by any means....


You know you need to get fitter. Loads of stuff around today about all the health benefits of exercise. Only you can provide the motivation but decide a time to run and tell us all when. Then you have to try it as we will be waiting to hear how it goes.

Also don't give yourself time to think. Make it first thing or immediately you get in from work. Set out everything you need in advance. By the time your brain says let's not bother you will be half way through the warm up walk and you would look daft giving up then.

So now I am waiting to hear how you get on. If it's good you will get lots of congratulations. If not so good lots of encouragement and commiserations. Either way you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Go for it....

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Don't give yourself time to think is great advice I think (heh). I've heard lately that general advice where motivation is concerned is that you just go and do stuff and it's almost like the motivation comes after. Trick yourself - you're not "going to run", you've put your shoes (and your sports bra if applicable) on and you're already off running (or at least doing your warm-up walk). Brain won't know what's hit it. (That's what's started to work for me, I've always had problems getting stuff done and it's even tougher when it's a hard task.)

Oh, and as for people near you, we're all here, on the internet, your free virtual running club! And I'm sure someone will be along soon to point out that if you can't do all the running sections in a session, call it a practice run and they all add up, building your stamina. Most people take longer than the "9" weeks.


You need to get fitter. If you run you will. If you don't you will stay unfit. There is your motivation.


You make me giggle!!! Xxx


Thank you all for your advice. That's very true Rignold but still I do too much thinking!!!! I will get there!!!!


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