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I need to start W8 TONIGHT!!! I finished W7 LAST Tuesday, and after my 2 days’ rest, life happened and I haven’t gotten back at it! UGH!!!! I’ve been so busy and just need to get back into my routine! I’ll be back on the treadmill tonight and would love any tips you can offer to make it through 28 minutes on it! I’ve been mixing up my runs at our local high school gym on the indoor track a lot lately, while my boys are at wrestling practice. I just don’t want to over/under run on the treadmill and get discouraged or bored!!

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Hi! Did you get on the treadmill last night?


No :/ by the time I got home from work, late, I had a terrible headache! BUT.... I feel great today and woke up determined and more motivated than I’ve been in days!!!


go go go! If you still need ideas for the 28 minutes, I don't know about treadmill specifically but distraction such as audiobooks/comedy or just great music helps! Oh and slow it down as much as you can and it'll be easier and you'll build those running legs more efficiently :)

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Thanks!!!!! I’ll keep you posted!


I just did week 8 run 1. Off for 2 if it doesn’t snow tomorrow if u wanna partner??


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