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Running on a treadmill


Hi, I’ve just completed w5r2 I’m doing the whole c25k on a treadmill as I did start it on the pavements but I find it much more comfortable in the gym ! My aim is to complete it on the treadmill then get outside once I can do 5k ! Is anyone else doing it on the treadmill ?

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Many here on C25K have done all the runs on a treadmill, however, the majority of us have done the whole program outside but if the weather is bad then they go to the gym and run whatever week they are on, on the treadmill, but most outside runners dread doing any of the runs on a treadmill, that's why many here on C25K call a treadmill a dreadmill..


I did some of my runs on the treadmill. The main reason being that I live in quite central London, nowhere near a park, and with fairly busy / narrow pavements, so sometimes I preferred the treadmill to having to dodge lots of pedestrians / cyclists / cars! When I could (usually at weekends), I'd try to go a bit further afield to a park or a more open space to run. I think mixing up where I was running helped keep me motivated too. I say do whatever works best for you!

Yes I live in a town centre and found I was stopping to cross roads far more than I was running ! I seem to enjoy it on a treadmill and find my legs don’t hurt as much ! I will get to a park once I’m doing 5k !


Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

You will find many people do some of all of their runs on the treadmill.

Enjoy your journey.

Ohh I found this very interesting and informative, some great advice here thanks.


Running is running so if the treadmill works for you then great!


Yes! Me too!

I am planning the same thing as you. Every time i start running outside as an unfit person, my knee flares up. I find the stability of the treadmill helps and use it on an incline. Once i have finished c25k (just done w5r3....yes I am awesome, thankyou! 😂) Then i plan to go back to week 3 or four and take it outside and see how it goes. I would live to run a 5k so getting out is my ultimate goal.

Yes Lindsey-joy, my feet would cramp and pain in my shins, when I discovered the treadmill I was over joyed and re started from week 1, I’m so enjoying it but I definitely plan on getting back outside and enjoying the fresh air ! Good luck to you by the way.


I'm only on week 3, but I'm doing it on the treadmill, it works for me. I would like to go out at some point, but while I build the stamina/strength/confidence I'm very happy to continue on the treadmill


I've done the whole programme on the treadmill (twice). I don't run anymore but, for what it's worth, I love treadmill running :) Good luck!

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