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Week 5 run 3 completed but need some help with injuries

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So I just did run 3 of week 5 which I am staggered at the fact I completed it. I did do it on a treadmill as the pavements outside are so so slippy!!

When I first started the programme I got to week 2 and hit an injury in both my feet due to (I'm guessing mainly) poor footwear. I couldn't walk down the stairs without my achilles and sort of ankle area hurting like crazy. I rested for about 4 weeks until everything felt fine again and then got my gait tested and bought some proper running shoes so I could carry on. I've now been running again for 3 weeks in my new shoes and today after my run my left ankle has began to ache and be slightly painful. I'm not sure if it is the same thing as when I first started but what can I do to prevent it getting worse now I've already got running shoes to fit my gait??

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Congrats on breaking the W5R3 barrier! I will do it tomorrow morning!

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Are your shoes too tight?

Have you tried running more slowly?

Is your footstrike under your body?

Are you heelstriking? Avoid if you are.

You are still at an early stage and will get aches and pains. If not too bad, run through them, but make a mental note. If they are painful or persist, get checked by GP or preferably a physio.

Did the gait analysis highlight any asymmetry?

What Iannoda said but also orthotics helped my ankles no end. Ask in the pharmacy but it's best to get some made for your feet- a podiatrist can help with that. My GP wasn't interested. Also look up Feathersprings

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