Septagenarian non-runner

How did I get to be here I need to ask myself. A set of circumstances both for me and OH. OH has always struggled with keeping a healthy weight and I do to some extent [she's too good a cook!]; we do quite a lot of walking.


1) we have a conversation with friends - he a life-long runner, she taking it up and getting on well having been well overweight - they talk about the virtues their exercise regime;

2) I have to go for a treadmill stress test to keep my licence to drive our over 3.5 tonne motorhome due to having a 'cardiovascular history' [2 strokes 12 years ago which left me paralised on one side and unable to speak properly (nothing new there then!)]. I think, I can do this stresstest OK now at 70, will I be able to at 73? 76? 79? We love our motorhome and I want to continue as long as possible. [Fortunately OH also drives it and has no such issues]

3) OH was starting to have problems with her knees, so took a trip to the physio. He told her to do less walking but try C25K as she would burn more calories quicker with less repetitions (and some specific exercises for her knees which are certainly helping).

Despite both being past the 'every year's a bonus' 3 score+10 we've embarked on the C25K plan. It's very early days, but we've got been out and got the kit (especially some decent running shoes) and enough motivation to have started. At the moment we are repeating weeks - me w3, OH w2; we feel there is no allowance for age in the regime - we're bound to be slower moving on than if we'd started 20 years ago, but hopefully we're doing the right thing.

Hithertoo we've been two dedicated non-runners - we'll see how we go.


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13 Replies

  • That's absolutely fantastic and well done to you both 👏

  • Welcome to you both. You definitely have the right idea to adapt and change the program so it works for you, and repeating weeks is a great idea to allow the body adjust. I hope running keeps you driving that motorhome for many, many years to come.

  • Well done.

    Running with your other half is a wonderful thing to any age.

    My advice to you both is to keep it nice and counts as running if both feet are simultaneously off the ground on each stride, regardless of speed.

    To reduce shock to knees, running on grass is much kinder, although can sap energy.

    Keep posting your progress. We are friendly and supportive and hope to see you both reach graduation from the programme, but do it at your own pace and enjoy your new found vitality.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • It sounds like you're both doing the right thing and progressing at a pace that suits you and only moving on when you feel ready. Great stuff! Great, also, that the GP recommended this programme. You'll be driving your motorhome for many years to come!

  • Brilliant stuff, well done to both of you. I am sure that by doing this together you will help each other stay motivated and will enjoy it even more. You certainly sound very committed. Also, having a motorhome and the hobby of running would appear to be a very good combination - happy times ahead exploring the great outdoors!

    It sounds as if you are being very sensible by taking things slowly and repeating runs/weeks when it feels right to do so. I have no doubt that you will both graduate, but the important thing is to do so safely and happily.

    Enjoy the journey and please keep us posted!

  • What an inspirational post thank you. 😄

    I started C25K fully expecting to be on week 1 all winter ( new to running at 58). Much to my surprise I progressed on through the program- but would have been delighted with achieving any of it.

    I think your adaptive approach is wise - after all, the most important thing is to enjoy the program.

    C25K combined with a motor home sounds wonderful- you can find lots of lovely places to run.

    Let us know how you get on so we can cheer for you. 😀

  • That's the great thing about C25k. You can flex it to suit your needs. Extra rest days, repeating runs, start with less than 8one minute runs and build up to week 1. As long as you are making progress you are doing yourself good and will graduate in the end.

    Good luck to both of you and have fun.

  • Quite a poignant, lovely post you're sharing with us. Well done for having started the programme and being determined dedicated non-runners! Enjoy running together slow and steady, you can only make progress.

  • Love it ! Good luck to both of you.

  • Welcome!

    Listen to the advice... slow and steady is the way. Rest days are essential and do not push too hard. Take each run as it comes and know that as you move on, you get stronger.

    Rest day exercise... non impact is useful too...e.g. Strength and flex,walking cycling, or swimming...

    Keep posting for great advice and support!

  • Well done for starting - just take it nice and steady. Good luck.

  • I take it that you are both going to do this C25K on the treadmill?? - that would make sense as it is the treadmill that they are going to stress test you on :) - if so, at this stage you do not know at what speed you should run/walk at - but treadmills are good for finding out just what YOUR suitable paces are. Here is how to do it - start walking on the treadmill for say 10 minutes to get you warmed up - and then start to slowly increase the pace of the treadmill speed until you feel that you cannot walk any faster --- this will be your running speed. Then back the pace off until you are walking briskly but well and truly under control -- this will be your walking speed. You may at first find it a little bit awkward "running" at your fast walking pace - but when you get used to it a bit, you will find it to be quite easy and you should be able to talk quite easily as you run at this pace. Good luck to you from another Septagenarian.

  • Just take it easy you two - and the very best of luck with C25K - remember that this forum is here to support you, so use it! 8-)

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