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Week 6 Run 3 In the bag! (but was I cheating)

Week 6 Run 3 In the bag! (but was I cheating)

So today I did wk6 r3 but my last run was 2 weeks ago. I looked at the first two runs of week 6 and didn't fancy the whole run walk run carry on again so I skipped them and did the 25min run 3 and I have to say I enjoyed it and in parts my breathing became very calm which I was over the moon with!

The Question is was I cheating going against the grain so to speak deviating from the program lol

Week 7 begins Wednesday and im cool with that cause Lovely Laura says im officially a runner!

(apologies if this is a repost I've tried posting on my phone have had to do it on the MacBook for some reason!)

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Its always good to follow the programme but I also think we are all different and you did what felt OK. Considering week 7 is all long runs I can see why you did that. I am guessing you are someone with a certain level of ability to begin with? Look after those legs as you have had a gap before this run and good luck on Wednesday!!


Before I started this I couldn’t run up the stairs but I’m flying now! I’m 6’1 and normally around 15.5 stone but before starting I crept up to 16st and that was my motivation I’m down to 15.2 now!! The legs are feeling it already though!!

I’m a long distance lorry driver so not the most heathy occupation but this helps


Just take care and be nice and steady on your next one out and if that feels fine, then you're fine I guess. I love the fact that your route took you away from 'Fatfield' and from your weight loss it is true.

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Not clear whether you missed two runs and just did W6R3, or whether you did that run three times.

Training plans can of course be adapted, but they are structured as they are for good reasons (okay, I will struggle to explain the totality of the reasoning behind W6) designed to maintain steady progress.

I don't quite understand the rationale of partially following a plan and then proudly claiming a graduate badge for completing it, when in fact you haven't. Each to his own........

Please be cautious about deviating too much from the plan. By your own admission you were not fit before starting out, so sticking to the tried and tested programme is your safest way to 30 minutes.

Take care.

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