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Well it has been 2 weeks about since I graduated and I had decided to consolidate the 30 min run for another say 4 weeks but mix it up a bit. As the c25k was done on a treadmill it was time to venture outside. This was mostly due to not having any outside clobber at all. I knew from what I have read that the opinion is divided that running outside is harder than running on a treadmill, so I had to give it a go.

I can say for me at least it was harder in fact a lot harder but that was ok. 1st plan was to raise treadmill to 1% to compensate for outside conditions. Should have done this to start with as some members have done. Anyway my treadmill is a reebok i-run 3.0 ideal for my needs but does not have powered incline, A Must Have I now think. They say it has 2 levels of manual incline but all I can find is Flat & one level of incline so I set treadmill to this. I intended to run for the 30 mins but was expecting it to be harder, I found it almost impossible.

In the end I did 30 mins run every other day for 5 days but could only manage 5 min run then 2 min walk for the entire 30 mins which with warm up & cool down walk a total of 49 mins. The problem was every muscle in my legs & back were screaming for the whole 30 min run. Furthermore they did not settle down on my day of rest so started next run with aching limbs. By the 4 th run I was really struggling and come the 5th run I had to stop altogether for a couple of mins.

I was getting worse not better and could not make out why it was so hard. More important I was not enjoying the runs at all so had to do some research. There is nothing to say in manual or online what % the treadmill is at when inclined so I had to contact Reebok directly. Got an answer back today and now I know why I was struggling so much. When the incline is set to the only position it has it is at 4% incline not 1% as recommended!!! NO wonder I was struggling, I was running uphill for 30 mins!!

I stared run again Monday for 30 mins and set back to the flat. I have to say even though it nearly killed me running uphill for 30 mins I could feel the benefit. Breathing was back to normal plus legs and back were not aching but more important I could go faster.

I think for once a week from now on I will set treadmill to 4% and just do a few mins as overall it has benefited me. So one run on mixed flat & incline running, one at endurance and 3rd run outside. I think once I get more confident outside I will run as much as I can outside, one step at a time.

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Great post Dindy.. 😆

Kudos to you for persevering with that tough workout (in blissful ignorance of actual degree of difficulty) and gaining stamina... I'm glad you only suffered with aches, and not enjoying it and didn't cause any damage to your legs.

Your plan to keep some hill training in your schedule with an outdoor run sounds like a good idea.

Do make sure you stretch properly after your runs and maybe do some strenghtening exercises on your rest days.


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