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Week 5 ready for run 3

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Completed week 5 run 1 and then completed run 2 twice! Wanted to give myself the best possible chance for run 3! Looking forward to seeing if I can run continually for 20 mins no stopping!

Any advice for the first big continuous run of the programme?

Also what kind of distance are people covering during the 30 mins programme?

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You have my admiration for going for 'the big one'.

I'm around 10 days away from it (Oh, b..... 10 days...!)

It'll be fine, won't it. 😄

I remember putting off that run by repeating the runs before it. And then when I did it, it turned out to be my favourite run!

I repeated too and then went for it! You’ll be ready! 👍

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Same pace as all your other runs. Nice and easy and relaxed. Comfortable breathing... you'll be fine.

Wk5 run 3 just believe in the program, I completed it tonight after a 9 - 6 shift on my feet, my legs were heavy before I started so wasn’t feeling very positive but as other posts say, it’s mind over matter. 10 mins in you think you gone further than before 16 mins in I was just amazed that I’d done double my previous run, by then I had my winning line in sight. Yes I’m pretty chuffed with myself and I’m sure you will feel the same, go for it

Looking forward to it? That's the spirit! W5 R3 is my next run too, but unfortunately I've been laid low with a nasty cough & head cold since completing R2 just over a week ago. I'm hoping to be out again on Wednesday morning and keep reading everyone else's success stories about R3 which are helping to reassure me/build my confidence in the plan. I am trying not to over-think it (my biggest downfall) and plan to just set off really slowly and concentrate on the comedy podcast I listen to instead of thinking about how long I am going to run for. Good luck to you when you go out, hopefully yours will be another success story for me to read before I have my attempt at it!

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Jonesy_LadGraduate in reply to Alast

Good luck! Hope the cough goes away quick! I also listen to podcasts / audio books etc. Defo helps me mentally

Just slow it down a little and you'll be fine - you can always go for a victory 'sprint' in the last minute if you want to end on a high but take it easy initially so you don't get too whacked early on. It's all mental anyway - physically you can do it as you ran 2 x 10mins already, it's just getting your head around not having the little walk half way :)

I completed W6 last week, I was a little apprehensive but got there in the end. If needs be, repeat a run to give you more confidence. Just take it slow and steady. Good luck 🤩

I listened to a good playlist that kept me going. Take it one tune at a time. W6d1 was a breeze by comparison.

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