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Easier than I thought

It was a quite pleasant run this morning. Got out and back before the rain came. Set off as normal, but when I got to the motorway bridge, Michael didn't tell me to start running like he usually does. When I checked, the app had gone into pause mode. Think MJ went for a cuppa. I'm sure my warm up walk is faster than my running, but I don't care. I'm getting out there and its turning into a habit. I'm itching to run, even on my rest days. Looks like I'll soon be able to join my cousin on the park run. Something to aim for 😊😊

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Sounds like a good run. Technology is not always reliable, good you weren't phased by it 😀. I'm sure you know not to scratch that itch! Sounds like you're doing everything right so far 👍

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Itch but do not scratch... go you.. slow and steady does it:)


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