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Week 6 over

So today was the end of week 6. MJ said I was officially a runner !! Woo !!

When MJ told me to stop running and to walk for 5 minutes I was naughty and didn’t listen to him I just kept going . I’ll be honest I felt good and didn’t feel tired I ran just over 7k which is the furthest I’ve ever run in my life !!

7 weeks ago never did I think I would be running and never did I think I would last this long . I’m still following the plan because I have started and I enjoy it but I know I can push myself that little bit more !!


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Only a teeny tiny bit! No need to push or hurry. Just finish 👍🙂

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Well done but be a bit careful as injury lies down that road

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Don’t worry I know my limits and once I feel I’ve had enough I will always stop/ I’ve always ran on and off but just never consistent for this long as I was much heavier now it just feels better and I haven’t got lots of extra weight behind me x


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