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Weeks 1-6 flew by but week 7 has gone on for EVER! First of all I thought I’d done Day 2 when I hadn’t so felt I was on catch up and then it’s taken me 6 days to get round to day 3. But woohoo! I just did it. Legs felt fine, breathing fine only thing I’m wondering about was that my Fitbit said I was in my peak HR zone not cardio zone. I could speak so don’t think I was going too fast but do you think I need to go slower?

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Yeah, be slow and you’ll not struggle ! Slow, slow, slower. We do say 🙂 we’re not having you on 😁

You’ll be fine. Nearly done now 💪👍✔️

Have fun, and savour those last few runs of the programme 🙂

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It’s such a great programme. I can’t believe the progress I’ve made and the only really hard run I’ve done so far is the first 20 min one and that was only hard for the first five mins- mental rather than physical. Any suggestions for after the final run in week 9? I think I will miss the structure and goal.

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I have never even considered checking my HR whilst running. If I can feel its beating too fast and I am struggling, then I slow down.

I would suggest you let your body tell you not your fitbit. If you feel fine carry on. If you struggle slow down. Learn to judge your pace by feel. Running is the ultimate freedom for us, shame to restrict that with gadgets and gizmos to tell you what to do.

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I agree! But just hoped I wasn’t doing any damage! I did feel fine and even managed to speed up at the end for 60 seconds so don’t think I was overdoing it.

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