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oh my gosh... Hills! I'm in Northumberland. Actually running where no one knows you is liberating, also adds an orienteering dimension I wasn't expecting!! Alnwick castle beautiful lit up too. Down hill running is fun :) it's quick, feel like a proper runner lol seen half a dozen other runners about which is kinda nice. and a very nice lady who helped by stepping aside on the footpath as I puffed up behind her told me 'well done you' :) we really are a friendly bunch up North :)

One hill run too many though, had a major stall on last run section, it was a big hill, couldn't keep up pace up the darn thing, dropped back to walk then had to restart the last 90 secs run when I got to top - think that still counts as completed wk2 r2!!

(Ali are there any rules about not having a glass of wine with dinner after a run...? :) )

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Oh that must be a gorgeous run, I went past Alnwick Castle back in September, what a fantastic place to run! You're one day ahead of me, I'm doing week 2 run 2 tomorrow!

Oh and rules are there to be broken ;)


We are up in your neck of the woods quite a lot, love Alnwick! There must be some cracking runs along the beach at Bamborough and around Lindisfarne, there might be a cool challenge to run out over the causeway, round the island and back before the tide comes in...?



Well cone you - sounds wonderful

If there is a rule about wine I think your in good company in breaking it


A glass of wine must be alright as since you ran today you won't be running tomorrow :)


I'm with blueboots on this (well deserved glass of wine)! Sounds like a fab run! I'm out tomorrow for w6r1 and I've just had a glass! Keep up the good work!


I did some running in Northumberland last year - fantastic. A bit breezy some days but really superb. Perhaps a run/jog from Seahouses to Bamburgh Castle (for an ice cream). Then back again for Fish and Chips :-)


now that is a quality day out!


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