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So today I graduated 👏 having nearly keeled over on W1R1 I can't believe it, it wasn't the finale id hoped for, my knee had a bit of a twinge this morning so decided to run around the soft football pitches, so shiny trainers covered in mud and not a very fast run but I did it.

Going to have a couple of days rest to recover.Thanks for all the support, advice and funny anecdotal posts on here that have got me through the bad runs. Going to consolidate my runs now and plan to do my first park run on Christmas Day

Can I now have my bling please 😀😀

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Congratulations 👍🏅

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:) :) 😎

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Really well done, very excited for you :) Watch that knee though, I'm still on the IC having seemingly not taken enough care of mine. Going slowly is definitely wise, and going for a more level run too.

I'm currently feeling quite evangelical about knee braces too. My new one is doing wonders for my knee.

Good luck for your future running career. Take care of that knee though, just in case you didn't get the message before :P


Thanks Neil , I will


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