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Week 7 mish mash

I’ve done all three Week 7 runs now but none of them felt satisfactory. Run 1 had too many steep hills, Run 2 I had technical problems getting the podcast to start at all but did run for 25 mins, Run 3 today and Laura’s voice on the podcast was going too fast! Very disconcerting! I ran for 25 minutes but felt as if I wasn’t concentrating on it.

I’m back in England after 2 weeks in Spain with grandchild number 8 and her parents; tomorrow I drive 278 miles down to Surrey to do a week of childcare with grandchildren numbers 5 and 7. I’ll be away for 10 days this time and may not get regular runs in. I’m thinking of repeating Week 7 if I can then tackling Week 8 when I get home again. Does that sound right?

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Why go backwards?

You have completed W7. None of your problems were to do with your running.

If you try the next run in the programme and don't complete it, then you simply repeat it. Better to repeat a longer run than the shorter one.

You won't lose much condition in a week or ten days.

That is my view, but you are in control.

Be positive, face the challenge.

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Thank you. I actually didn’t run all the way on Run 1 because of an incredibly steep hill I hadn’t anticipated so will do one more 25 minutes at least.

Good to get your opinion!


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