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Couch to 5K
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Amazing, why has it taken so long to get started?

Okay so I’ve only done w1 r2 so a looooooong way to go yet. But the feeling when I have finished the first two runs is amazing. My sister has been nagging for a couple of years, yes years and I am really pleased so far. I’m only suffering from a blister but have just found that feet swell from running. Love the community on here, thanks for all the encouragement so far. Off to do some running shopping!

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Awesome, enjoy! As well as getting fitted for running shoes to make sure they are the right size/ support, I found wearing very close fitting socks helped with avoiding blisters. So either running socks or something like pop sox under regular socks -- both of those worked for me.


OMG. Another one 😁

You're doomed I tell ye 😱

She's out shopping for running gear peeps!

We eagerly await your return to show us what you got, bunch of saddoes that we are. At least on here you can talk about running gear til the cows come home

Fortunately running gear can be cheap as chips 👍🏃‍♀️✔️

Have fun 😃


I was the same - my Ironman husband kept suggesting I should start running so I took the plunge eventually in March!

Take care by the way as it is a slippery slope of purchases as you just have to have a certain top for certain conditions..

If you are getting blisters you may need to invest in footwear. Generally you may find you need a larger size for running to allow your toes to spread out properly in the shoes. A gait analysis is the way to go here at a proper running shop. I made sure I had proper running socks before starting (Hilly twin skins) and so far (touch wood and fingers crossed) I haven't had a blister.


Sounds good, keep posting and letting us know how you're doing

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Very well done. Getting off the couch does take a lot of effort and you are now on the way to being able to run for 30 minutes :)

I agree with others about socks! Also have you tried those Compeed blister plasters? They are amazzzing

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Oh dear.. running shopping.. you are hooked!! Well done you! Keep posting!


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