So I've taken the plunge and started

I completed my first run of the challenge last night (I had started a couple of months ago but then got struck down with laryngitis and stopped) at my local gym and I have to confess my body must have remembered from when I did week one before (only completed two runs before I had to stop then) and so I found I was not as exhausted as I thought I would be when I finished. I even had enough energy to undertake a workout at the gym afterwards.

I am determined to stick to it this week and so to motivate myself I have put motivational hints in my diary and scheduled the runs in, however I am tempted to see if I can fit them in before work rather than after so that I can't get out of it, but this is something which I will wait until next week to do anything about as I will need to get a light top or borrow a hi-vis vest from my brother.

What I think I am looking for out of this is some sort of motivation to get fit and a way of trying to gain control on my depression, whether it is successful or not we shall wait and see.

Maud x


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7 Replies

  • Well done Maud that's great news! Getting up in the morning for a run does take effort but the reward is great!

  • You are definitely in the right place for some encouragement.

    Don't get too down if there are some lumps and bumps along the way, they happen to us all, just swear lodly kick something then come tell us about it.


  • Well done Maud, as Greg says this is the right place to be. Lots of lovely people who give lots of encouragement. Welcome to this happy band of runners :)

  • good start Maud, thats the hardest bit! sometimes I look forward to my run and sometimes I think why? why? why? then have a look on here and read all the encouraging post, its really inspiring! good luck with the first week, am on wk 4 already and can't believe it so you wont be far behind! keep posting xx

  • I really enjoy my run and gym session before work, it usually lifts my mood all day. If you can keep with it, I'm sure it will help with depression. Mine is certainly greatly improved through taking up regular exercise. Good luck :-)

  • Maud, I have run on and off for years. And my main reason for doing it has always been for my mental health as much as physical. Exercise is proven to help with depression. Sometimes it's a bit of an effort to get my gear on and get out there but I know that I won't feel any worse for doing it and more than likely feel better. And if you feel you've had a bad day - at least you can put down your run as a positive achievement. Keep at it.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. It is great to know there are others out there like me.

    Maud x

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