Treadmill nearly did for me

Treadmill nearly did for me

Many props to you treadmillers! Man I was hot! And I got a stitch for the first time in forever. I barely made 25 minutes and thought I was going to expire. I'm definitely investing in winter running gear because I'm highly interested in avoiding the whole treadmill experience again #dreadmill #stickaforkinme #cuzimdone

First run of 10k training plan 2.5k


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  • I've only had a brief go on a treadmill for gait analysis, I struggled on it. How do I see the full 6 week 10k programme? Are you back home?

  • you can't see the full programme, but here it is :-)

    Each week is one short run, one easy run, and one long run. The short run can be run using speed podcast or doing intervals.

    W1: 2.5k, 5k, 5.5k

    W2: 3k, 5k, 6k

    W3: 3.5k, 5k, 7k

    W4: 4k, 5k, 8k

    W5: 4k, 5k, 9k

    W6: 4k, 5k, 10k

    PS no, I'm in an airport in Sweden waiting to fly on to Germany. I am sick of travelling and want to go home, but it's not to be.

  • I totally agree with you on the treadmill front! I am so glad I run outside I find running on a treadmill much harder. I do my interval running training on a treadmill and cant wait for the 10 minutes or so to end. I am going to just keep on doing the 5K runs for the time being but those runs building up to the 10K look very hard going, I am not sure I will be able to achieve that in 6 weeks! Will wait a few weeks and then see how I feel!! xx

  • Thanks, hope you get home soon .

  • Great start on your journey to 10k, it's a fun one 🙂. I try to avoid the treadmill at all costs as well, I also overheat and can only peel so much clothing off with a 10 year old boy in the house (and often a few of his friends around). If I have to resort to shorts and a sports bra on my later night runs and he happens to come downstairs , I get the look and "Mom, where's your shirt?"😮🙄 😆

  • Yeah, the "run naked" thing doesn't really appeal to me either...

  • Ooo, ok then...if you’re out, I’m out!!

  • Well done for getting the 10k training started, especially with so much travelling! I have never managed to run more than a few minutes on a treadmill and I've never stayed on long enough to work out why. I'm doing 10k training (although I haven't quite got my head around that yet) and I've got w2r2 later. But I've converted the distances to time like c25k, so I don't feel too pressured to complete distances uphill. I'm sure it'll all work out! 😀

    Don't forget to post pics of new running gear!

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