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How to get back into it?

So I completed C25K in May, but after that, with no program to follow things slowly started to go downhill and I lost my motivation. Although I still run it is extremely infrequent and whenever I can be bothered (we're talking once a month maximum). PLEASE HELP GUYS!! I really want to get back into it! I'm quite young and naturally petite so I haven't put on weight so that isn't a motivation, my motivation is, as a figure skater, I really need the fitness and endurance that C25K bought me. But especially as it's winter I just can't motivate myself to get out there! I just feel like I don't have enough time with school work and skating, but I understand that everyone else is busy and manages it, so any advice please? SO basically..

1. What week should I start back on?

2. How to motivate myself to get out there?

3. Advice for running in the winter? (i.e its dark in the mornings and evenings and its so cold!)

4. How to stay motivated once you've graduated? (I did the C25K+ thing but because it wasn't a proper program I just stopped)

Thank you soo much!

~ Olivia

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No idea what week you should start back on but you are young & you sound fit. Why not choose a week & if it's too easy go to the next week ( the other way around if you find it hard). As for motivation why not join the Xmas Quest (this is about to finish but I think Realfoodclub will start another soon.) By declaring what your plan is you'll find that you're more committed to it & can tell us each week how your plan is going. It has really helped me after injury & failing motivation. It's been my lifeline. Good Luck

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I too lost the time and the will with the programme. I wished they would make another programme for you move in to after C25k but unlike you I am a big bloke and have put weight back on after graduating. When enough was enough I went back to week 2 to see if it was ok for me. I've just come back from in from week 7run 3 and being 17 was a challenge to say the least! Week 2 was easy for me but I persevered through weeks 3,4,5 as these were a little more challengingwith oxygen in take but I managed to complete the runs however slow and tiring it to complete. I'm now back at week 8 again as of Tuesday after having 6 months out, without exercising at all and busy doing other things........And like Laura says, just keep on going even if you are knackered and complete the run, even if your heart is pumping out like sellafield and your legs are about to fall off! Good luck with it:)


Hi there

Would it be possible for you to use a treadmill at all?

I personally prefer running outside but when it's cold and dark and icy, sometimes a treadmill is better than nothing........also when it's really hot and they've got the air on on!

When I graduated I used to listen to Laura week 9 occasionally to keep me going, but I really agree about the lack of motivation when the program ends.

Could really do with a 5k to 10k program from them.

Find a local 10k race next summer and train for that.

You could even raise some money for charity!

And time wise....3x30 minutes a week?.....Really? X

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Aircon, sorry x


Hi after graduating I moved onto the Bridge to 10k by Samantha Murphy


How about a weekly Parkrun?


I too enjoyed the CK25 but felt lost at the end of to continued running for a few weeks then just got bored, i found out about the samantha murphy B210 on here, so went back to week 5 half way point (if i found it too difficult i was going to go back to week 4 too easy and up to week 6 ) then moved onto samantha murphy, not quite C25K but serves a purpose, i haven run for a few weeks now as i have relocated so have been upto my eyes with everything but I'm feeling the urge to put on those running shoes already. Good luck


Hi. I'm just back after 8 weeks off with a calf injury. I started with one run from week 4 and then did W5R1. I am going to try just to work through from there, going slowly and repeating if I have to. It's sort of nice being back on the old programme again! Good luck with your return.



I would pick a week to try and see how it goes If it' too easy move on, if you find it tough, go back a week or so. As for motivation, try a park run or you could see if there are any 5 or 10K races you could enter to give yourself something to train for. I prefer to run outside, and in the cold (unless it's icy) and bright flourescent clothing is the way to go in the dark. Once you get going again more regularly, you will soon get your mojo back.

Good luck



Hi piggylan1, as you don't have an injury to recover from I would just start at week 4 but if during the run you find it easy keep going for perhaps 20 minutes and build up from there. Your young and otherwise fit if you skate so it should not be a problem to get back to 30 minutes/5K distance.

To keep you motivated why not sign up for a local Parkrun, every Saturday 9.00am in England & Wales, Scotland 9.30 start, they are free and a very friendly bunch of people. Many of the younger female runners at my local Parkrun now meet on a Thursday evening and run 5-8K together, especially good in the darker winter evenings being safety in numbers.

Clothing in the winter time can be a problem but need not be too expensive, Lidl has some good ski wear on sale this week which has wicking properties, ideal for drawing the moisture away from the body so that you don't get chilled. Wear a hat and gloves too, you will be surprised how cold your hands can feel when running.

I hope you get back into your running it would be a terrible shame to have worked so hard through C25K and then stop for no good reason. If all the friendly advice you have be given above doesn't work I send you a virtual kick up the bum ;)

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Thanks folks for the tip about Samantha Murphy. I downloaded the link that some kind person posted on here and I'm just about to get my trainers on and do the first run.

Wish me look peeps. Thanks for the information that keeps inspiring me to run further. Not sure I'm going any faster but I don't care about that. As long as I keep going that's all that matters.


Just to add a couple of other things, if you have an ipod there are other podcasts by podrunner for bridge to 8k and 10k I would also agree about joining your local parkrun, you may be able to make friends and have running buddies for other days of the week. Also if you have a branch of Sweatshop locally they also do running sessions for all abilities.

Good luck and just keep motivated


What got me going again was signing up to run a Half Marathon - for the first time in ages I'm feeling motivated to run.

I too struggle to run in the evenings - but just manage to fit it in and then look forward to Sundays when I do a much longer run. I try to find a different route each time as I find that make sit more interesting.


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