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It's getting easier

Wk2run3 completed this morning. Definitely find it easier to run in a morning instead of afternoons. Seriously considering getting up at 5 so I can run before work. Still getting cramp in right calf but can usually run through it. I started taking magnesium citrate because its supposed to help, it definitely helps me sleep! Week 3 starts on Monday 😲😲

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I do 5.30 -6.00, definitely easier than later on in the day. The hardest bit is getting out of a warm bed and hearing the rain on the window. Once out though, I love it! Magnesium is brilliant. If you sweat a lot (like me) your electrolytes can get out of balance and cause all sorts of issues. Look up Sole as well, which is a salt water. Very good for post run. Keep up the good work!


Nope... but YOU... are getting stronger:) Well done :)

Roll and stretch that calf.. and listen to it.. if it is painful... roll and stretch more. :)


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