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It’s getting easier!

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I have just finished a repeat of W2 as first time round I could not imagine running for longer! Repeating has been helpful, ready to move onto W3 I think. New trainers have been ordered :)

Questions I have are: is it ok to repeat weeks? and is it ok to have 2 rest days in between runs (I can only get out to run on certain days so trying to do Mon Wed and then Sat). Thank you :)

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Well done on completing week 2!

To answer your questions, yes you can repeat weeks if you don’t feel confident moving on to the next week, and yes, 2 days rest is fine.

Good luck on your C25K journey x

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JulieG49Graduate in reply to Exoticwelshy

Thank you :)

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I repeat weeks, I find the thought of moving up a level is quite daunting especially when I’m struggling with the level I’m on, when I find myself thinking that I could carry on running a little bit longer I know that I am ready to move on to the next level, everyone progresses at their own pace

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Nope... not easier... you are getting stronger and fitter!!! I run Sunday, Tuesday and Friday , two rest days now and then are fine:)

You run this journey your way! if you feel you need to repeat then repeat..but..if you are taking it slow and steady and not struggling too much, then please move on :)

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JulieG49Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you :)

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